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Most college sports programs feed off students, subsidies

What does it say about our value system when coaches at public universities make far more money than full professors? What is the lesson being taught when financially strapped students and their families are forced to subsidize the exorbitant pay … Continue reading

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A newspaper ought to separate fact from fiction

When a small-business owner closes up shop, dumps six employees and blames the misfortune on minimum-wage increases, a newspaper ought to check out the story, especially this year. In April, Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law a measure that will … Continue reading

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On the wisdom of leaving old love letters alone

I can’t get myself to throw away some old love letters I have stored in the garage, even though I have no interest in rereading them. The oldest go back 50 years to my college days. They reflect several long-term … Continue reading

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With dieting, good genes may beat self-discipline

When it comes to weight control, I am feeling more humble these days. I used to think I was a paragon of self-control, but maybe I was just fortunate to inherit my father’s good genes. As I wrote in Monday’s … Continue reading

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“Buy American” hurts school-lunch program

Here’s a Christmas wish: that politicians and corporate agricultural interests quit nickel and diming school districts struggling to provide affordable meals for low-income children. The grinches locally are U.S. Rep. John Garamendi, D-Walnut Grove, whose district includes 40 percent of … Continue reading

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