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Anti-Clinton venom in the locker room

The Clintons are worse than the Mafia. Now they’re getting to the Justice Department. Even the Mafia couldn’t do that. There’s nothing she won’t do. Her level of corruption is unbelievable. I heard this conversation yesterday afternoon as I was … Continue reading

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Bill for playing basketball adds up with age

In my youth, it didn’t cost me much to play basketball. Several pairs of cheap Thom McAn sneakers and one outdoor basketball would get me through a year on the asphalt playgrounds of Queens. When I got holes in my … Continue reading

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Better to develop a new skill than curse the darkness

“When is the last time you improved at anything?” That question hit home when I read it in a recent New York Times article on aging. Writer Gerald Marzorati clarified that he was talking about improving at a demanding skill … Continue reading

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When you’re the old guy on the court

I asked an aging basketball pal how things were going in the B league. He shrugged and said, with a touch of hesitation, that he wasn’t getting much playing time. “They see me as the old guy,” he said. “I … Continue reading

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About guys who grunt in the weight room

An athletic club is a good place to study human nature. I continue to be puzzled why some of my fellow members at the upscale Capital Athletic Club in Sacramento feel it’s appropriate to discard their dirty towels on the … Continue reading

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