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Would-be volunteer for youth writing program gets grumpy

Two minutes into the orientation, I doubted that I would be serving as a volunteer with this Sacramento nonprofit group, one devoted to improving the literacy skills of poor and at-risk young people. Thirty minutes later, after hearing details on … Continue reading

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There must be a better way to handle a pitch for money

When I left my athletic club in downtown Sacramento last Sunday, I saw a middle-aged black woman standing across the street. I didn’t immediately take her for a street person. “Are you from Sacramento?” she asked as I approached. I said … Continue reading

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Reflections on a complicated father-son relationship

While reading many touching tributes to fathers yesterday on Facebook, I wondered what it must be like to have a father who elicits such positive emotions. I don’t hold rosy remembrances of my father, although I do remember his large … Continue reading

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Children pay price for parents’ willful ignorance

In discussing her long history of depression, California’s secretary of state, Debra Bowen, said  in a Los Angeles Times story that she had opted not to have children because she thought it would be irresponsible to put another person “through … Continue reading

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Boundaries between kids, adults get blurred at the club

When parents bring children to a social gathering intended for adults, it can cause tension. Sure, you want to be accepting of family life, but the presence of kids changes the social dynamics. You don’t want to seem selfish or … Continue reading

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