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Sacramento’s embarrassing purchase of Koons sculpture is no boost for local art

My wife and granddaughter shared in the excitement of this year’s Chalk-It-Up Festival in Sacramento by joining 200 local artists in transforming squares of sidewalk concrete into colorful artwork. The annual event serves as a fundraiser to promote youth art … Continue reading

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Bikeway connector in midtown Sacramento needs protection

As a bicycle rider in Sacramento, I like to get off the hazardous streets and enjoy the scenic beauty of the American River bike trail, officially known as the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail. My street smarts, developed as a youth in New York … Continue reading

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Think you will see the inside of city’s luxury suite at Kings arena?

I don’t know what’s wrong with the residents of Sacramento these days.  They seem so suspicious. Even when city officials offer a perks-for-the-people program at the new downtown Kings arena, skeptics question their generosity. The city expects to give away … Continue reading

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Wimpy City Council pits Sacramento pedestrians against bicyclists

Street-by-street urban warfare has begun in Sacramento, and it promises to be a long, nasty battle marked by an upsurge in pedestrian casualties. Don’t think for a minute that the City Council Tuesday night voted to ban bikes on some … Continue reading

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Sacramento’s sidewalks are no place for bicyclists

The fellow at my athletic club was outraged. He had been involved in a bike accident on a sidewalk adjacent to the state Capitol in downtown Sacramento. A stupid pedestrian, he said, was yakking away on his cellphone, not watching … Continue reading

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