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Kings coach plays the victim along with Cousins

“If you keep hanging out with that troublemaker, you’re going to start acting like him.” What child hasn’t received such a warning from concerned parents who know how easily one can be led astray by a bad companion? Well, perhaps … Continue reading

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College football coach feels entitled to kiss his players

Here’s an odd thing:  a powerful man being praised for pressing kisses and hugs on young people whose hopes and dreams rest in his hands. Hasn’t Donald Trump’s “locker-room” talk made such behavior reprehensible? Apparently not.  A New York Times … Continue reading

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Help wanted: Coach with strong punch needed for Sacramento Kings

How about Mike Tyson as the next coach of the Sacramento Kings? Sure, he’s turning 50 this year, but the former heavyweight boxing champ could still knock some sense into DeMarcus Cousins’ thick head or scare the 6-foot-11 star into … Continue reading

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Alligators, burglars and a fired football coach’s strange claim

Things are strange out there, folks. In Florida, a burglary suspect hid in a lake to evade police and was killed by an alligator. Police investigators found the hand and foot of 22-year-old Matthew Riggins inside an 11-foot-long alligator after … Continue reading

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Cousins has little to gain from game plan of new Kings coach

“He might be our best passer.” That’s what George Karl, the new coach of the Sacramento Kings,  said about DeMarcus Cousins, according to this morning’s Sacramento Bee.  Karl was talking about his plan to experiment to see how to best … Continue reading

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