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Oakland’s pot plan gives social justice a bad name

Discrimination masquerading as social justice is hard to hide. It emits the stink of hypocrisy and duplicity. I wish the politicians in Oakland who recently pushed through a “race and equity” plan had simply stated they intended to reserve 50 … Continue reading

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Stand up for yourself by signing arena-subsidy petition

If you’re tired of feeling bullied and kicked aside, download and sign a STOP petition asking for a public vote on whether Sacramento should use taxpayer money to subsidize a downtown Kings arena. You’ll feel better about yourself. Why? Because … Continue reading

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Thanks to public money and political muscle, sports leagues on a roll

Now that billionaires have discovered Sacramento is eager to give them public money, and a big-shot politician like Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg is eager to gut environmental protections for  a Kings arena project, expect another pro sports business … Continue reading

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Columnist should have asked hard questions on Kings stats

Newspaper folks know they need to be on their guard around politicians, who tend to spin information to suit their self-interest. That’s why good journalists – the watchdogs for the public interest — come equipped with a crap detector. They … Continue reading

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