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Harassment of black pedestrians called public-safety measure

The Sacramento Police Department, which was treated to a couple of days of media approval for its seemingly transparent response to the beating of a black man accused of jaywalking, couldn’t stick to sensible public relations. Instead, department officials are … Continue reading

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The danger of walking while black in Sacramento

Stopping people for minor infractions is a “proactive way” to reduce crime. “It’s the little things, like jaywalking and minor traffic violations,” said Tim Davis, head of the union that represents Sacramento police officers. “If you look into those, you … Continue reading

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What was going on in photo of mothers embracing before murder arraignment of teenager?

My journalistic cynicism surfaced when I saw the front-page picture in the Sacramento Bee yesterday. “Mothers embrace as murder charges are filed” read the caption beneath the photo. One woman was Nicole Clavo, the mother of J.J. Clavo, a Grant … Continue reading

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“Safe space” won’t solve case of slain Grant High football player

One wonders whether there is a “safe space” for a witness with a troubled conscience. This would be a person who saw the fatal shooting of Grant High School football player Jaulon Clavo Nov. 13. The 17-year-old Clavo was gunned … Continue reading

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