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Psychedelic drugs emerging from the dark ages

The headline surprised me: “How LSD Saved One Woman’s Marriage.” That’s not the sort of thing I expect to see in the New York Times, which fancies itself the country’s newspaper of record. The times must be a-changin’. In the … Continue reading

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Choosing death can be an affirmation of life

The dithering over death in the California Legislature makes me irritable, given that I believe in personal freedom and don’t want to end my days the way my father did. Descent into senility isn’t a pretty picture.     Senate Bill … Continue reading

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The choice Robin Williams made

“As the one guy at the suicide hotline said, life isn’t for everybody.” – Robin Williams, in a 2006 interview with Terry Gross on “Fresh Air.” It’s a sad thing when a man who has provided so many people with humor … Continue reading

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Performance-enhancing drugs and winning

There’s no level playing field in the sports world. Some athletes have the advantage of speed, strength or jumping ability over others. They won the genetic lottery at birth, and if they work hard, they reap the benefits until age … Continue reading

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What’s fair about great genes?

In this land where equal opportunity and a level playing field are so valued, why are athletes who didn’t win the genetic lottery doomed to be second-rate performers? Why shouldn’t they be allowed to use performance-enhancing drugs to make up … Continue reading

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