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Politeness at the Home Depot checkout line

Polite gestures were directed toward me the other day, and I don’t know what to make of them. I doubt that I invited them, given my tendency to avoid eye contact with strangers. But there I was in the garden … Continue reading

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Want a bite of my meal? Forget it!

I don’t  like to feel alone in the universe, so I was relieved to see a Carolyn Hax advice column on the subject of sharing food at a restaurant. A disgruntled husband complained that his wife always asks for a … Continue reading

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Weight-room etiquette can get complicated at the club

The weight-room rule at my athletic club seems clear: If you put weights on a bar, take them off when you’re done. You pick up after yourself.  It’s basic etiquette. But what do you do when you work out with … Continue reading

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Hair dryers and spitting in the shower

I’ve been a member of the Capital Athletic Club in Sacramento for 12 years, and it’s helped to keep my athletic life going at the intensity level I like. I can work out to my heart’s content and relieve the … Continue reading

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