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UC Berkeley, UCLA say football more important than fair play and equal rights

Sixty-five years ago, the University of San Francisco’s undefeated football team took a memorable stand in defense of equal rights. The 1951 team, widely considered the best in the country, refused to play in a prestigious and financially lucrative postseason … Continue reading

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College football coach feels entitled to kiss his players

Here’s an odd thing:  a powerful man being praised for pressing kisses and hugs on young people whose hopes and dreams rest in his hands. Hasn’t Donald Trump’s “locker-room” talk made such behavior reprehensible? Apparently not.  A New York Times … Continue reading

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Alligators, burglars and a fired football coach’s strange claim

Things are strange out there, folks. In Florida, a burglary suspect hid in a lake to evade police and was killed by an alligator. Police investigators found the hand and foot of 22-year-old Matthew Riggins inside an 11-foot-long alligator after … Continue reading

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“Safe space” won’t solve case of slain Grant High football player

One wonders whether there is a “safe space” for a witness with a troubled conscience. This would be a person who saw the fatal shooting of Grant High School football player Jaulon Clavo Nov. 13. The 17-year-old Clavo was gunned … Continue reading

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Football fan could use some common sense

Here are a few thought-provoking things from the world of sports recently: The beating of a jersey-wearing Minnesota Vikings fan by S.F. fans after a recent 49ers home game made me wonder about the wisdom of making yourself a potential … Continue reading

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