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Seeking peace of mind in denial works until the truth floods out

I woke up yesterday morning in a can-do spirit. I decided I would check out the lawn sprinklers and adjust the spray heads if needed. Sure enough, three of them were out of whack. A few turns with a screwdriver … Continue reading

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Life and death decisions in the garden

  I spared the volunteer sunflowers yesterday and gave them a deep drink of water. I had been thinking of getting rid of them. My wife, who usually requisitions a patch of the “back forty” for her flower garden, announced … Continue reading

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Have you checked your solenoids lately?

  The inside of my sprinkler controller. My automated sprinklers malfunctioned early yesterday morning. When I went into the garden, I noticed that the first set of sprinklers, called station one, had gone off as had station three. But the area … Continue reading

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Garden teaches self-acceptance

  My garden gave me a lesson in aging and self-acceptance last week.   I had been pushing my physical training in hopes of getting into better shape for the fall basketball league. I added straight running, which I haven’t done since before … Continue reading

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