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Say it loud and proud: We’re journalists

Friends, it saddens me to see the demonizing of the free press. I was a reporter for more than three decades. Journalism is an imperfect craft. Mistakes are made. But I shudder to imagine democracy without it. And the reporters … Continue reading

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Would-be volunteer for youth writing program gets grumpy

Two minutes into the orientation, I doubted that I would be serving as a volunteer with this Sacramento nonprofit group, one devoted to improving the literacy skills of poor and at-risk young people. Thirty minutes later, after hearing details on … Continue reading

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“Follow your passion” has a ring of religion to it

When I started my adult work life, I don’t recall anyone telling me to “follow your passion.” The closest thing to that was advice from a worldly wise man who told me “to make your avocation your vocation.” The other … Continue reading

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Arena glitter blinds newspaper to plight of the poor

I know it’s become acceptable to cut the Sacramento Bee some slack these days, given its financial setbacks, staff layoffs and reduction in size. But are we readers supposed to swallow sarcasm passed off as insight, dumb conclusions promoted as … Continue reading

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Humility is an editor’s constant companion

I was amused to see “CQ” prominently displayed on the Sacramento Bee’s online home page this morning. Why? Because it reminded me of my years as a Bee copy editor and the knowledge that the road to public embarrassment is … Continue reading

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