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Take light rail to Sacramento’s new arena? There’s a lot to learn first

Sacramento city officials hope thousands of Kings fans and concertgoers will use Regional Transit to get to the new arena downtown. Improvements and station cleanups have been made to lure new users.  But I have my doubts about the prospects … Continue reading

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Careless drivers who give no thought to bicyclists

I was riding my bicycle yesterday afternoon about 5:30. I stopped for a red light at the intersection of Land Park Drive and Vallejo Way, near my house in the Land Park section of Sacramento. Vehicles in a long line … Continue reading

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Seeking peace of mind in denial works until the truth floods out

I woke up yesterday morning in a can-do spirit. I decided I would check out the lawn sprinklers and adjust the spray heads if needed. Sure enough, three of them were out of whack. A few turns with a screwdriver … Continue reading

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Old wood paneling poses knotty problem

  As homeowners know, when you upgrade one thing, other things begin to look faded and worn. Last summer, I replaced three of the casement windows in the large upstairs room I use as a study. I did this for … Continue reading

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Old sprinkler pipes induce fear and trembling

    When I saw water streaming over the sidewalk from one of the front sprinklers, my heart sank. I knew there would be no quick fix. My front yard has a network of galvanized steel pipe that goes back … Continue reading

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