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Tired of being kicked around? Then sign petition to get arena subsidy issue on ballot

Tired of being bullied and exploited by the one-percenters eager to take your money, your land and your democratic rights? Then go sign the petition to require a vote on Sacramento’s plan to fork over $258 million to subsidize the … Continue reading

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Maloof secret-funding tale rests on shaky ground

It would be disappointing to learn that the Maloofs had secretly funneled $80,000 to the two groups trying to give Sacramentans a vote on whether they should fork over $258 million to build a new arena for the Kings. The … Continue reading

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Maloofs show their smarts as owners

The Maloofs, savvy owners that they are, have bided their time, gotten a couple of mayors to dance to their tune, and created a climate in which they could see a huge return on their investment in the Sacramento Kings. A … Continue reading

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Cousins is investment gone bad for Kings

This is the time of year when investors decide whether to dump their lousy stocks and write off a loss on their taxes or hang on to their weak performers and pray for a miracle. Unfortunately for the Sacramento Kings, … Continue reading

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Renovating arena gets a push

Things just keep getting crazier and crazier.  ■ Now that the downtown Kings arena plan has collapsed like the house of cards it was, visions of renovating Power Balance Pavilion are emerging from the darkness. ■ City officials are shrugging … Continue reading

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