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Most college sports programs feed off students, subsidies

What does it say about our value system when coaches at public universities make far more money than full professors? What is the lesson being taught when financially strapped students and their families are forced to subsidize the exorbitant pay … Continue reading

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$562,916 for a college golf coach and other crazy things

Is job pay a true reflection of societal values? Here are some figures to consider: The salary scale for full professors in the University of California system ranges from $100,600 to $183,700. An instructor’s pay starts at under $60,000. The chancellor … Continue reading

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Another high school leader worried by Trump’s election

Editor’s Note:   Some high school officials in the great state of Ohio, where I have numerous relatives, are disturbed by the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States and the effect it is having on their students. The … Continue reading

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Inspiring words from a high school principal in Ohio

Editor’s Note: Family members in the great state of Ohio alerted me to this statement by the principal of Shaker Heights High School near Cleveland. The following is from the school newspaper, The Shakerite. Principal Jonathan Kuehnle spoke during the Nov. 9 … Continue reading

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Freshmen often used as pawns in college hockey, basketball

Here’s an odd thing: many good high school hockey players delay entering college in the hope of getting an athletic scholarship. They spend two or three years developing their skills in high-powered amateur leagues and, if successful, get a free … Continue reading

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