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Sacramento arena breeds confusion over parking, new housing

Since the city of Sacramento needs to generate millions of dollars in new parking revenue to pay for the downtown Kings arena, how come city officials and promoters are eager to increase light-rail use on game nights? If the city … Continue reading

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Shady parking spot causes trouble

“Hell is other people.” That line came to mind the other day as I was plotting get-back tactics to annoy a neighbor who seems on a mission to irritate me. At least that’s what I think. I could be in … Continue reading

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New York City is loser in stadium game

If Sacramento officials are really concerned about the city’s financial stability, they should pull back from the irresponsible funding schemes being touted to build a downtown Kings arena. When cities make deals with pro-sports barons, cities come out the losers. … Continue reading

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Dream machine pumps out arena fantasies

The dream machine revved  into high gear this week as secret negotiations over a downtown arena head toward a March 1 climax.  Whatever’s going on apparently isn’t fit for public consumption. All the private parties eager to profit from this … Continue reading

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More nonsense on arena funding

Here’s  a sure sign that promoters are trying to push you off a financial cliff: they tell you things that make no sense. Sacramento city officials, hell-bent to give away $9 million a year in parking revenue to fund a … Continue reading

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