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Harassment of black pedestrians called public-safety measure

The Sacramento Police Department, which was treated to a couple of days of media approval for its seemingly transparent response to the beating of a black man accused of jaywalking, couldn’t stick to sensible public relations. Instead, department officials are … Continue reading

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The danger of walking while black in Sacramento

Stopping people for minor infractions is a “proactive way” to reduce crime. “It’s the little things, like jaywalking and minor traffic violations,” said Tim Davis, head of the union that represents Sacramento police officers. “If you look into those, you … Continue reading

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Matt Barnes sets quite an example for Kings star DeMarcus Cousins

“I’ve been one of the leaders, one of the voices of reason, and I have, I think, an uncanny ability to be able to get through to everybody, and not so much by talking. I lead by example, so that … Continue reading

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Seeing America through different eyes

Here’s a tale of two Americas that may shed some light on why so many folks think our social system just ain’t fair. First, we have a big bank suspected of laundering nearly $900 million for drug traffickers and processing … Continue reading

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The variable price of law enforcement in Sacramento

When I saw the letter from the Sacramento Police Department, I took a deep breath and prepared myself for a whack in the wallet. The last go-round with local law enforcement had cost us about $600. I say “us” because, … Continue reading

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