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Sacramento’s embarrassing purchase of Koons sculpture is no boost for local art

My wife and granddaughter shared in the excitement of this year’s Chalk-It-Up Festival in Sacramento by joining 200 local artists in transforming squares of sidewalk concrete into colorful artwork. The annual event serves as a fundraiser to promote youth art … Continue reading

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How cheap and demeaning to select art by gender

  Talk about adding insult to injury! First, we have a bunch of fat cats grabbing $2.5 million in public money to inflict their version of art on us; now we have would-be exploiters of the public trust lining up … Continue reading

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Kings arena art acquisition exudes the color of money

  In Sacramento, what the one-percenters want, the one-percenters get. They use their money, power and influence to tell the rest of us how things are going to be. Their manipulative ability extends from plopping a Kings arena into the … Continue reading

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Sacramento’s needy pursuit of star artist for Kings arena

   Sacramento’s inferiority complex is showing. Surely, that explains why local art “experts” joined hands with the Sacramento Kings to commission an outrageously priced status symbol for the plaza in front of the emerging Kings arena downtown. It’s hardly surprising that … Continue reading

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