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Mayor Johnson’s vision and my humble water-saving pail

What should I do with the pail I’ve been keeping in the bathroom to save water, now that the mayor of Sacramento and a couple of council members say saving water in this ever-worsening drought isn’t very important? I know … Continue reading

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Arena lawsuit targets credibility gap

For idealists who like to believe that good eventually triumphs over evil, watching the 1976 film “All the President’s Men” is awfully satisfying.  It’s inspiring to remember that the tale of two dogged reporters uncovering a trail of villainy leading … Continue reading

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Kings arena issue turns news coverage into PR

“Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job.” That was President Bush patting FEMA chief Michael Brown on the back while disaster was unfolding in New Orleans from Hurricane Katrina. Bush’s cavalier remark, so divorced from reality, came to mind … Continue reading

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Arena subsidy foes, make your voices heard

With the Sacramento City Council entertaining the idea of recklessly spending millions of dollars on a new arena for a Kings team that declines to play serious defense, here’s an appeal from local activist and blogger Isaac Gonzalez.  And check out … Continue reading

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Arena column grasps at straws

Here’s my fearless prediction: another Sacramento arena scheme will rear its head soon. A lot of ambitious folks came close to grabbing $255 million in public money, and they’ll want another shot it.   You’ll  hear more nonsense about how … Continue reading

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