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Most college sports programs feed off students, subsidies

What does it say about our value system when coaches at public universities make far more money than full professors? What is the lesson being taught when financially strapped students and their families are forced to subsidize the exorbitant pay … Continue reading

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Lawyers and immigrant success stories

When you lie down with dogs, you get fleas. I’m saying this metaphorically, as a prelude to suggesting that I see nothing admirable or redeeming in a lawyer who gets paid big bucks to help a powerful and wealthy client … Continue reading

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UC anti-Zionism proposal gets into dangerous censorship

Despite my left-wing tendencies in my Berkeley days, I remember refusing to join some activist friends who were hell-bent on preventing William Shockley from speaking on campus. The Nobel Prize-winning physicist was pushing a theory that blacks were mentally inferior … Continue reading

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Letting go of the past isn’t so easy

    In a 1960 column from my high school newspaper, I’m tabbed as a future star of the varsity basketball team at Martin Van Buren High School in Queens. A few paragraphs later, Robert Savio is mentioned as the … Continue reading

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