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$562,916 for a college golf coach and other crazy things

Is job pay a true reflection of societal values? Here are some figures to consider: The salary scale for full professors in the University of California system ranges from $100,600 to $183,700. An instructor’s pay starts at under $60,000. The chancellor … Continue reading

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Why are these people getting so much money?

With some news stories, I just take a deep breath, let a mild wave of cynicism pass through my system and shake my head at the ways of the world. Here are several items of note from the past week: ■■■ … Continue reading

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Oops, Katehi declines nomination to direct UC Davis Feminist Research Institute

There must be an ancient Greek play that deals with the folly of allowing a disgraced, demoted official to hang around the seat of power. What good can possibly come of it? University of California officials probably wish they had … Continue reading

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Lawyers and immigrant success stories

When you lie down with dogs, you get fleas. I’m saying this metaphorically, as a prelude to suggesting that I see nothing admirable or redeeming in a lawyer who gets paid big bucks to help a powerful and wealthy client … Continue reading

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UC Davis chancellor says the craziest things

 A wife catches her husband in bed with another woman. He denies anything is going on and asks: “Who are you gonna believe – me or your lying eyes?” That old joke came to mind the other day while I … Continue reading

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