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Oops, Katehi declines nomination to direct UC Davis Feminist Research Institute

There must be an ancient Greek play that deals with the folly of allowing a disgraced, demoted official to hang around the seat of power. What good can possibly come of it? University of California officials probably wish they had … Continue reading

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UC Davis chancellor says the craziest things

 A wife catches her husband in bed with another woman. He denies anything is going on and asks: “Who are you gonna believe – me or your lying eyes?” That old joke came to mind the other day while I … Continue reading

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UC Davis, TV maker look shabby in public relations

The University of California, Davis, and Supersonic Electronics in Commerce, Ca., have one thing in common: poor handling of defective products. At UCD, Chancellor Linda Katehi has blemished the university’s image by her acceptance of lucrative and controversial outside board … Continue reading

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Why does UCD chancellor make twice as much as governor of California?

Katehi’s $424,360 annual salary may sound to some like a king’s ransom, but …. That set-up line comes from a recent Sacramento Bee editorial concerning the blunders of UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi. (See Monday’s blog.) While scolding the chancellor … Continue reading

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No straight talk from UC Davis chancellor

“I seen my opportunities and I took ’em.” That refreshing piece of political honesty has been attributed to a Tammany Hall political boss named George Washington Plunkitt. He felt perfectly entitled to use his position of power to advance his … Continue reading

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