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$562,916 for a college golf coach and other crazy things

Is job pay a true reflection of societal values? Here are some figures to consider: The salary scale for full professors in the University of California system ranges from $100,600 to $183,700. An instructor’s pay starts at under $60,000. The chancellor … Continue reading

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UC Berkeley, UCLA say football more important than fair play and equal rights

Sixty-five years ago, the University of San Francisco’s undefeated football team took a memorable stand in defense of equal rights. The 1951 team, widely considered the best in the country, refused to play in a prestigious and financially lucrative postseason … Continue reading

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UCLA plays a shell game on scholarships

When I was about 10, I made some money by returning soda bottles from my sister’s house. “What a racket,” her husband joked. “We buy the soda, store the bottles, drive the kid  to the store — and he collects … Continue reading

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