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Reflections on a photo in my father’s scrapbook

My sister Fran sent me a photo from one of the many family scrapbooks that my father had kept. It’s a basketball action shot from my days at Van Buren High School in Queens. The picture ran in the school … Continue reading

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Seeing a portrait of a high school classmate at the Crocker Art Museum

Last week, I went to the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento to see an exhibit of Andy Warhol’s work. He was noted for his portraits of 20th-century celebrities from the worlds of fashion, art and pop culture. Included in the … Continue reading

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Letting go of the past isn’t so easy

    In a 1960 column from my high school newspaper, I’m tabbed as a future star of the varsity basketball team at Martin Van Buren High School in Queens. A few paragraphs later, Robert Savio is mentioned as the … Continue reading

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Competition, equality and riding the bench

At Braddock Park, the playground in Queens where I learned so many life lessons, you had to earn your way onto the big-guys court. The rule was that winners stayed on the court. No one wanted to be saddled with … Continue reading

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Struggling schools and students need a helping hand

The pleasant young woman at the Home Depot checkout register in Sacramento measured the six pieces of oak floor molding I had brought to the checkout register and started to calculate the total length. “How much is 9 plus 9?” … Continue reading

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